The makeup trend that set us apart was the accent on the corners of our eyes


Make-up on the corners of the eyes is the perfect choice for those who are in favor of minimalism, but also for those who prefer more makeup.

The makeup look that puts the focus on the corners of the eyes will dominate the spring phase. And who would have thought that a stronger, brighter shade, such a small amount of eye liner, pencil or sequin, could have such a striking effect ?! Celebrities were also pleased to follow this trend, while New York Fashion Week was a prominent theme in the episodes. In fact, we especially like not having to be a makeup magician to achieve this effect.

How to follow this makeup trend?

To begin with, the most important thing is to prepare the area where you will apply the shadow / eyeliner / glitter. What does that really mean? Applying two shades of concealer – first Two shades lighter than the powder you use, and then lighter (the ones you have on your kit) – to brighten the edges of your eyes even more. This is important because our nose casts a shadow over this region, preventing light from reaching the corners of our eyes. Also, at the corners of the eyes, the circles under the eyes are the darkest, which is why it is necessary to deal with them. Once this area is properly prepared, apply shadow, eye liner, pencil, sequins on the outer edges … You can also mix the shade and pair it with ajainer.

Here are some inspirational looks that are free to copy …

I READ IT … Frozen eye shadow: a great return to the trend of the 1990s!

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