The milky blue color is perfect for summer!

blue milk

If you are thinking of changing your hair color, know that blue milk will be on the throne.

The milky blue tone is inspired by platinum blue, but has a more expensive and luxurious finish. One of the best things about this shade is that it is neither too hot nor too cold, which means that it is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of skin tone. It looks amazing with a rough mid-length cut and textured waves. Apparently, one of her fans is Kim Kardashian, who spent more than 14 hours on paper taking her to this year’s Met Gala. “I wanted a physical change,” he told Vogue, revealing that he intends to stay blonde for a while.

Blue milk as a new trend

While most colors would suggest a sharp color change from stage to stage, it took more than three months for Kim’s sister Chloe to gradually cross the path from dark brunette to light blonde. If you also want to make a change, you will need to know exactly what you want. By combining weaker and stronger lighting techniques, the hair will not only shine even more, but will also have a smoother finish compared to platinum blue.

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This color is great when combined with a dark root, where it can be used as a base, and then added to fine, fine strands, as well as babies, light, to achieve the result of milk blue scattered over the rest of the hair. Of course, the color process must be completed with a tonic of blue ash / pearl – to give the hair the desired finish, milk and clean.

But, it’s important to keep in mind that this nuance (“to look fresh”) requires you to go to the hairdresser every month, maybe at the two-month level, as well as invest in home hair care products.

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