The mini skirt will be the first outfit in 2022! Here’s how we dress!

Mini skirt

The mini skirt is back in the fashion world, and here’s how we dress this year!

There are really many answers to the well-known question of what to wear in 2022. In addition to the brightly colored and cheerful models, and the minimalist but still popular stripes, the full success is the miniskirts that aren’t just stored for summer, because they look and feel better with boots and socks!

The mini skirt is a new hit in 2022.

So in addition to the midi skirt, this year will suggest mini skirts, so if you’re brave and love this trend, be sure to try it on.

There are no rules about color and material, so several models of this type of skirt are used. The most important thing is to choose the right socks, that is, the density, and you may not be able to wear some of the colors in addition to the classic black.

Choose miniskirts based on how you feel about them, as it is still desirable to know how to dress appropriately.

This skirt flourished around the 70s, and the big comeback was in 2021, and it continues to be. It looks great in combination with high black boots, and if you want to look like a Praižanka, pair it with a hat and a skateboard.

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So whether you choose A-cut, pleated or tight, you won’t go wrong with a mini skirt model.

Trainer: Tatjana Zoka
Source: Via Edward Howell Unplash

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