The most popular colors and shapes of this season

2022 Spring Manicure

Below we will explain the novelties of the spring 2022 manicure.

Like every year, this season, the manicure world has taken on a whole new dimension, coming out of the cold months. Slowly but surely, spring is coming, and with it new trends.

From fresh and new colors and shapes, to good old and old classics, below we explain what kind of nails we will wear this spring. Find your inspiration!

2022 Spring Manicure.

Pastel powder shades

Pastel colors have been the first diary of spring for seasons, but this year pastel colors are even softer.

Green tones

The color green is very popular again this year, both in clothes and in make-up and manicure. All you have to do is choose your favorite shade.

Unexpected details

There is no doubt that nails are in the forefront this season, so details like stickers, stickers and various shapes of nails are becoming more and more popular.

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Unusual French

French manicure has long been in vogue, but this year it has taken on a new dimension like metallic pink, the ever-popular green or orange. The choice is yours!

Simple and neutral

Luckily, for ladies who don’t like bright nail colors, this spring, neutral nails are also on the trend, with no embellishments.

Stiletto nails

Ladies who are not afraid to have dramatic nails can choose this sharp and long form that has become fashionable again.


When two fashion giants, Versace and Fendi, combine their strength on the catwalks, we get bright, luxurious and unusual nails.

Crazy prints

Whether the nails are short or long, if you want to play a bit, choose an unusual print, as they are very popular this season.

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