The most popular colors of bags this season: refresh your look!

the most popular colors of the bag

If you want to freshen up your look, these are the most popular handbag colors that will help you in this.

On the catwalks, we noticed that the bags (browns and blacks) gradually faded into “old” ones. Instead, more and more often, designers are opting for brighter, more spectacular shades. After all, that’s the point of spring and summer, isn’t it?

Here’s how to put one together for use with your handbag.

The most popular bag colors for 2022.


All shades of green have been very popular for several seasons. This color is established in every corner of the fashion world, so in addition to pants, t-shirts, coats and coats, we will also wear green in our hands.


As a symbol of stability, this color, according to psychologists, creates a sense of security and confidence in people. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear blue shades for business meetings and job interviews. And now, for this season, we will complete our outfits with blue bags, whatever.

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Femininity, romance, harmony … Pink tones are the colors of love and take us back to childhood (remember Barbie’s clothing combinations). Warm and cheerful tones will elevate all styles to a higher level.


What tones celebrate spring and summer better than oranges? This color is bright, cheerful and playful and lifts the mood without much effort. And from the most neutral to the most daring, all the nuances are in focus.


And finally, His Majesty – a sunny yellow color. These shades go perfectly with all other colors, especially white and gray. If you find it especially important, combine the yellow bag with shades of pink and orange.

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