The most popular hair trends for next year

Hairstyles for 2022

Here are some hairstyles for 2022 that will be a complete success!

Hair salons were open in 2021 and we paid much more attention to our hair than the year the pandemic started. That’s why hair stylists believe that next year will be full of novelties when it comes to hairstyles. And here’s what everyone will wear.

Hairstyles for 2022.

Classic Bob

Of course, bob hairstyles won’t go anywhere next year either, because it’s timeless and suitable for all hair types.

“Retinal” blows

Thin and almost transparent bangs will be a complete hit in 2022 as well. And what’s particularly tempting about them is that they give smoothness to long thick hair and make thin hair look not so thin.


It’s a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, and it looks stylish and unusual.

Natural waves

Next year we will accept the text of our natural hair. The hairdresser advises us to accept what we have, with an iron without straightening our hair. In this case, proper hair care is essential.

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Layered hair revitalizes hairstyles, is easy to maintain and can be ironed and curled according to need and desire.

High ponytail

The perfect high ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is perfect for both day and night. And it always looks impressive.


Accessories will rule the hair world in 2022, and everything is allowed: hairpins, ribbons, scarves …

In the middle of the division

Following the trend of deep lateral division, the central division has returned to fashion. Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images Entertainment

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