The most popular models as an ideal accessory for clothing

Belts for 2022

Belts for 2022, as in previous seasons, are an essential part of the outfit, and here are all the models we will be wearing.

In addition to being a practical feature (so that our pants don’t fall off), belts have long been a decoration for all outfits. And in addition to being a truly iconic piece, the belt emphasizes the waist, and is especially popular among curvy women.

If you like to wear a belt, we present the models that will be very popular this year.

Belts for 2022.

The “social” belt.

Dress belts are usually made of satin or the material of the dress itself. In this way, elegance and sophistication are promoted, and such a belt visually creates the waist. Therefore, they are happy because they are dressed without the usual attire.

Eco Leather Belt

In addition to lasting a long time, a good leather belt with jeans, dresses, skirts and even festive variants. And this year, it’s a great opportunity.

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The Boho style doesn’t go out of style, as evidenced by this year’s braided belt trends.

Wide belts

The return of the 80’s is clearly noticeable in makeup, but also in the fashion world, so it’s no surprise that wide belts are once again popular.


A very simple and effective trend that makes every combination of clothes a more interesting shade.

Chains and big ears

For a belt to be a piece of expression, it needs to attract attention. And the best way to do that is through a lot of strings, right? If you are not a fan of such models, choose a belt with a larger heel and you will get the same wow effect. Elena Boltunova / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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