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Bags for 2022

The bags for 2022 focus on the material, and the color and patterns are on the back.

Unlike jewelry or shoes, when it comes to handbags, trends are still happening. The big “pillow” bags almost defined 2019, 2020 was logomania, and last year everything came to a minimum. And what this brings us, 2022, is explained below.

Bags for 2022.

Handmade bags

This year they have focused on knitted bags, whether made of yarn, wool or yarn. In addition, the Chloe brand is announcing a “mermaid” bag (Mermaid) in the fall that will be made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

Light and bright

This year brings us bold colors in all categories, including handbags. Last year, sales of green bags rose by 151%, so there seems to be no light green to stay on. Other popular colors are light pink and purple.

Sustainability comes first

We’re seeing more and more sustainable fashion being present, so the most famous brands are following this trend. So Stella McCartney already has a leather mushroom bag, a Stanos cactus leather bag, and Junes is inserting plastic waste into the biodegradable material for making the bags.


Logomania aside, some luxury brands are returning to their roots. Gucci is recreating its vintage design in a new way. That’s how the famous Jackie Kennedy bag returns to fashion. We see the same case in the return of the old designs of Saint Laurent.

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Half Moon

Despite the name, not all such bags have the shape of the moon. Instead, the middle of the bag is bent, and this design lends a modern spirit to the style of the 90s.


Large handbags, similar to shopping bags, are becoming more and more popular in the fashion world. In addition to design and aesthetics, women are increasingly looking for practicality in handbags.


This bag accessory became popular last season, but this year it will be available in almost every bag. Silver, gold or color, it doesn’t matter!

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