The most useful viral beauty tricks of 2022 TikTok, so far!

TikTok beauty tricks

These beauty tricks of TikTok are, according to influential research and reviews, the most useful. Here’s what he’s talking about.

It seems that every day we come across a new beauty trick on TikTok. Sometimes we find it weird (remember using a lubricant as a makeup base?), Sometimes they haven’t been proven to work, but sometimes beauty tricks are so useful and effective that we wondered how we didn’t think of it. before!

Below are the most useful tricks to date.

TikTok beauty tricks that really work


@meganlavallie sometimes a straight line from your ear can be a little vivid #contourhacks #contour #makeup ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

We were all amazed when TikTokerka Megan Lavalji showed us the trick to making her profile. Instead of circling her entire face, Megan puts a dot on a certain part of her face and then blends it in. This creates excitement in the upper cheeks.

Blush-like concealer

@makeupbytammi Color corrector as a blush! Would you try it? 🧡 #blush #makeup #blackgirlmakeup #fyp ♬ Nyege Lewa (feat. Ms Banks) – BackRoad Gee

Using a makeup product for another purpose will save you time and money. So Tami Clark decided to use a creamy orange concealer as red.

Wrap your nose with eyeliner

@minkeit_ I wouldn’t post this lol 😂 # cashapp13plus #MyBrawlSuper #viral #makeup #makeuphack #syntheticwig #budget #africantiktok #muslim #guineenne ♬ original sound – KHAE🦦

Amina Keita showed her an easy way around her nose by using a concealer. Instead of dust, he uses a concealer to draw fine, thin lines that create the perfect shade. In addition to eyeliner, Amina says that we can also use lip liner or eyebrow pencil depending on the skin tone.

Eyelash dyeing

@glamwithsuzan #coachella / favorite makeup hack for the season ✨ What is your favorite? On #makeuphacks #beautyhacks #makeup #colorfulmakeup #fyp #foryou ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

This trend was very popular in 2020, but is still on trend. Susan Dabas, an influencer, tried to dye her eyelashes with a bright yellow color, and the effect is tremendous.

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