The new Comma brand collection is already announcing spring!

New collection of the Comma brand

The new collection of the Comma brand has arrived, and even though we are still in the winter, the models will definitely warm us up, wake us up and prepare us for the hectic spring.

We are already accustomed to bringing clothes from the Comma brand to modern and contemporary women. Known for its elegant cuts, top quality materials and modern design, the brand did not disappoint earlier this year. And here’s how the new season presents itself to us.

New collection of the Comma brand

The comma in the New Expression collection is already announcing spring. Here’s how!

Knitted sweaters

In the last year, knitwear has entered the forefront of the fashion world. From sweaters, dresses and skirts, everything was in the spirit of this vintage style. And knitwear, according to stylists, will be very popular in 2022 as well.

So it’s no surprise that the Comma brand is offering a selection of warm knit sweaters in the new collection. However, in this case, the focus is on modern and striking colors and designs.

Significant clothes

The Coronavirus pandemic has also affected the fashion world. So last year we chose comfort first. However, last year he was very happy to bring us the newspapers. Bright colors, unusual designs, and bold, expressive pieces are still in focus.

Incompatible combination

In addition to the fact that the pandemic brought us a bolder choice of clothing, we began to put together pieces that had hitherto been an unimaginable combination. Sweaters and a soft dress? Leather pants and a satin blouse? We say, why not?

1. shadow

The fashion world is full of bright colors, but it certainly is ahead. Purple tones have been a priority in the color spectrum of colors. Of course, there is also a neutral beige, to “ground” each style a bit. And Koma knows best how to combine these tones.

Monochrome and vegan

Comma has joined the global initiative to protect the environment, so the jackets are made of leather. And these pieces are essential components of monochrome combinations, which have long been very popular.

Coma Stores: Mercator Center Belgrade and Beo Center Belgrade.

Photos: L&Z Slovenia

Photo: Nina Roydo, Facebook

Stylist: Vesna Mirtelj

Hairstyle: Masha Hair Salon

Model: Laura Medle (Immortal Models)

Filming location: Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, Ljubljana

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