The new Smokey Eyes technique is conquering the world of beauty, and here’s how to achieve it

New smokey eyes technique

As we are already accustomed to, the ways of makeup are constantly changing, and the new smokey eyes technique has completely delighted us.

In addition to bringing new make-up artists to the season, celebrities themselves are often trend-takers themselves, both in terms of make-up and fashion. One of the latest newspapers in the makeup world was brought to us by rapper Megan Di Stalion.

New smokey eyes technique

Namely, at the Grammy Awards, Megan came in a beautiful leopard print dress, but her outfit is not the one that caught everyone’s attention. Megan decided on a complete innovation in terms of smokey eyes makeup.

He shaded his eyes, and by adding a black eyeliner, he marked the ends with a black eyeliner, in the shape of the letter “V”.

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According to her stylists, for this look, they were inspired by the tropics, but also by a graphic eyeliner that is very popular in the world of makeup.

We used light brown and gold illuminatorto emphasize her flawless appearance, said Lauren Child, makeup artist Megan Di Stalion.

We believe that this way of makeup will become a new standard, at least in terms of smokey eyes technique.

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