The past knocks on the door with all the signs of the Zodiac

Retrospective Venus

The retrograde Venus manages to shake our walk. So don’t be surprised if your first loves come to you this time …

Every year and a half, Venus, the planet of love, begins its journey backwards. Of course, we’ve all heard of the evil retrograde Mercury. But Venus brings similar torrents, but instead of interfering with communication, travel, or technology, this planet touches our love life!

The backward motion of the planets means that they appear in the sky when the planet seems to be moving backwards. In astrology, Venus will begin its upheaval today, December 19. However, in mid-November the shadow before the retrograde could be felt.

Venus will be retrospective until January 29, 2022. And what awaits us so far, find out below.

Venus retrograde and zodiac signs


You think more about your former loves and the ones you would accept. And are you thinking of reconciling today? However, you are afraid that the feelings are not reciprocal. However, you may not know whether or not to decide this unfortunate step.


The chances of having an unpleasant encounter with Ex are very high. And the meeting can end with a coffee. And you really want to see what’s behind that door. However, the recommendation is to go further and give someone new a chance.


Retrogard Venus brings you encounters with ex-lovers. And the rain of love that will shake you will accumulate. Enjoy it as long as it lasts because you will quickly realize that stress is not worth it.


Like most signs, fear prevents you from taking action. You want to save your heart at all costs. But instead of running away from the past, deal with it. These are good opportunities to learn important lessons.


After a few exchanges, you may decide to try something with your ex again. But it’s not going to be anything serious and it fits you perfectly.


The love triangle is in front of you – old and present love and you. And you never know where you’re going. Slow down and look at the situation from all sides before making a final decision.

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Even if you tend to “recycle” your ex, this isn’t an option this time around. You don’t feel like listening to excuses and going through old problems.


They are a good opportunity to reconcile their former love. A real carousel of excitement, love and strong connections awaits you.


You never look back, but the retrograde Venus will connect you with old love and cause you trouble. Give that person a chance to express their feelings to you and close that chapter for good.


You need to call your ex love. But don’t be surprised if the other party isn’t in a good mood. Arguments are possible. Therefore, try to keep in touch with that person.


Some drinks and some secrets from the past will be revealed. Play safe. Before making a decision, consider your feelings and desires.


Past love will enter your circle of friends and will jeopardize your current state of love. Think about what you want? And is flirting worth your relationship now? Lera Danilova / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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