The pencil skirt knows no age limit, and here’s how to wear it

Pencil skirt

It seems to us that fodder skirts have never gone out of style, and thanks to the designers of the world, the offer of models today is very large.

In recent years, the main trends have had one thing in common: leather, and lots of leather. Asymmetrical designs, ripped and perforated pants, tights and stockings and a really micromini skirt. Of course, the tendency to show skin is quite acceptable for a certain group of people, but what about those ladies who still like to cover a little more, but are still feminine?

That’s where the only scene comes in: a fodder skirt. Namely, designers have been playing with this spinning model for a long time, and for a reason. This outfit is sexy, sophisticated, easy to adjust and is especially suitable for ladies of all ages.

If you also like this skirt pattern, here are some ways you can combine it, depending on the occasion.

Pencil Skirts – Ideas for Outfits

Cut from the side

A very unusual, simple and effective model that will certainly not go unnoticed.

A classic with a modern twist

A classic one-color skirt can be combined to look young and modern.

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For each season

Pencil skirts, as you can see for yourself, can be easily combined with winter, summer, fall and spring outfits.


The pensil skirt is great with sneakers, so it’s perfect for women who don’t like high-heeled shoes.

Deep waist

With a deep waist and unusual design, the pleated skirt perfectly emphasizes curves and hides flaws. ta-nya / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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