The purple tone has won outfits in 2022: find inspiration

Purple tones

Last year’s shades are purple, and by 2022, it looks like those shades will be everywhere.

Fashion Week and fashion shows have a reputation for showcasing new “must-try” trends. However, from time to time, “already seen” combinations appear. One of them is definitely purple. However, this season we are going to dress a little differently. Here’s what he’s talking about.

Purple tones

Purple has always been the perfect color for spring, especially if you like pastel shades. However, since last year, we have been wearing these shades throughout the year. In addition, this color is available in blue, pink, yellow, and even orange and red. And below we show you how you can all wear purple and in what combinations.

Informal form

Purple is the perfect choice for quieter variations. Striking, but not too much. Unusual enough to attract attention, especially if you combine them with different shades and full contrasts, such as green.


Along with leather shorts and “martinis”, the purple color will give a special dimension to the Gothic style.


This clothing is a favorite of many because it is one-piece and reduces the time to choose a combination of clothes. “I have nothing to wear” is perfect for those moments. Choose a purple jumpsuit and be unique.

Unusual combinations

As we can see, purple goes very well with red. Choose your favorite color palette and combine it as you see fit.

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From head to toe

Different shades of purple go perfectly, so if you want, try these shades for the whole outfit.

One detail

If it is too purple, choose a detail that will refresh the whole look.

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