The spiritual users of TikTok drove a piece of glass crazy


Moldavit is mentioned more and more often on social media, and what is its secret?

If you follow astrological profiles on social media, you will surely come across a moldavit – the green part of glass that is becoming more and more popular in spiritual circles. And what is it used for and how?

What is Moldovan?

Tectite is rare (not crystal) – a pebble made up of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass made of earth debris thrown by a meteorite impact 15 million years ago! It was first discovered in 1787 on the Vltava River in southern Bohemia.

It mostly has shades of green and brown and is sometimes translucent.

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Unlike crystals that form when a liquid such as lava cools, tectites are formed when a meteorite comes in contact with the earth. But, aside from science, what power does a Moldovan have?

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Moldovan and spiritualism

Believe it or not, crystals and minerals are the objects of focus – each individual has strength, and they emphasize that. The Moldavian has been used as an amulet since the Stone Age, and the reason is obvious: it combines extraterrestrial and terrestrial energy.

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It has great vibrations and is seen as a means to open our consciousness in spiritual circles. It shows us the possibilities for the future, helps us make decisions, and presents us with unexpected solutions.

It also helps to overcome the traumas and burdens of the past and opens up new perspectives. As it activates the nervous system, this stone calms down. It is also true for the stone that “cleanses” the heart, so it is often used for the love segment of life (to find love or to achieve happiness in an existing relationship). jonnysek / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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