The stars repeatedly wore the same aufit on the red carpet

The stars wore the same outfit several times

They are the stars who often wear the same outfit, even if they have access to endless combinations of clothes.

Fashion is a part of every star’s life, and we can’t wait for an event to see what celebrity women have chosen for their outfits. Sometimes we find inspiration for our style.

And yet, occasionally, believe it or not, it happens that the stars wear their clothing combinations several times, even on the red carpet. The one who has repeated the clothing combinations, we explain below.

The stars wore the same outfit several times

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actor first wore a red Gucci suit to the MTV Awards in 1996, and then wore the same outfit at a parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Gucci Empire, 25 years later.

Megan Markl

Although the duchess belongs to the royal family and can afford a lot of unusual clothes, she usually chooses simpler and cheaper ones. And it often recycles appearances. So in 2018, she wore a midi coat dress, and a year later, she wore it again on a visit to South Africa.

Jennifer Lopez

Initially, Versace wore a green dress to Jeni at the 2000 Grammy Awards, and 19 years later she wore it again at Milan Fashion Week.

Kate Middleton

Kate is really a fan of recycling her looks, so we often see her with our favorite clothes several times.

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