The story of the brand: “Caliesse” natural and ecological cosmetics

calinesse cosmetics

Calinesse cosmetics come from Switzerland and were created to return to nature and its medicinal properties.

In the series Brand stories we emphasize cosmetic brands, whose offerings include quality, originality and design that are products that deserve our (and your) attention. He is definitely one of them Calinesse This cosmetic – donkey milk, as the main ingredient Calinesse formulation – suitable for everyone, that was the main goal of the creators of the brand. Each component used in production Calinesse The product is chosen with a lot of dedication and control to effectively meet the needs of the skin. This brand is the proud owner of ECOCERT certification. Knowledge, effort and the highest quality components have come together for its creation. And here’s how it started and what it’s based on today Calinesse story

“Caliesse” cosmetics: Only pure nature!

How the idea of ​​its origin came about Calinesse brand?

Calinesse A precious ingredient, like donkey’s milk, was born from the idea of ​​turning organic cosmetics into organic and making the most of them. Of course, there are many other quality ingredients – shea butter, almond oil, sunflower oil – that complete these cosmetics and give it a special stamp. Everyone who tries Calinesse Preparations are returning to that brand, which did not underestimate the quality, but tried to bring out the best in nature.

What are the basic values ​​of this brand?

That he maintained quality at all costs. Each product is made in detail. In the case of some preparations, it also took several years to arrive at a perfect formulation.

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What it is based on Calinesse philosophy?

Nature, nature and nature alone! Today, 10% of the ingredients come from organic farms, and this percentage is expected to increase. Everyone involved in organic cosmetics knows how difficult it is today to grow organic plants without the addition of chemicals. That is why being “clean” is a challenge and a great success Calinesse the brand is certainly successful. Swiss law is very strict in terms of ingredients, especially in terms of organic cosmetics, and you have to be of the highest quality, that is. Calinesse is indisputable.

How is it Calinesse portfolio?

Its portfolio currently includes 13 products: three child and baby care products (cream, cream and body milk), anti-aging face care cream, lotion, face mask, apricot gel, baths (smaller and larger packages), soap, make-up removal milk, body milk, shower gel. It also exists Calinesse candle – to fully enjoy.

In what components Calinesse do formulations have priority?

The first and basic ingredient of all products, as we mentioned earlier, is donkey milk. Depending on the product, there are almonds, sunflower, apricot kernel, chamomile, alpine water, shea butter, hyaluronic acid plant, vitamins A and E.

What are the top selling products?

What is this Calinesse it’s noticeable a bath that really gives you the feeling that you’re bathing in milk. After a few drops, the water is as white as milk, but the skin is smooth and nourished after bathing. Of course, care products for the little ones are also required, as many parents today care about what they put on their children’s skin, that’s how it came to us. Of course, this answer cannot go unnoticed The secret milk against age cream, everything Calinesse users they need.

How are they Calinesse Plans for the future?

We are currently developing several other products that will be completed soon Calinesse offer. Business in terms of brand expansion Calinesse He came to Serbia because he recognized that this market was a great starting point for the conquest of the Balkans.

And in the end, Calinesse basic tips L&Z would be readers …

Research and reference all the cosmetic products you use every day. Many people are unaware of the dangers of harmful ingredients applied to the skin on a daily basis. Probably a lot of things would prevent diseases and improve the appearance of the skin if you had fun with cosmetics and makeup. Information is the key to many things!


Calinesse a mother will enjoy a set of face care and skin care for the baby. For more information on delivery, see 21.3. on our Instagram profile.


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