The story of the brand: “Hedera Vita” natural cosmetics

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Cosmetics Hedera Vita it is based on natural ingredients and carefully crafted for those with great love, dedication and attention!

In the second presentation of the natural cosmetics brands in the series Brand stories We spoke to founder Olgica Samoilović Hedera Vita a brand based on the principle of consistency, in the sense that it maintains its characteristics (quality, composition, production method, etc.) at the same level or above all these years. Its motto is “We choose the best from nature”, and through its products, this brand offers all this to consumers.

Olgica Samoilović, founder of the brand

Hedera Vita cosmetics: made with love!

How it started Hedera Vita story?

I am often asked this question. However, I am always happy to answer, because I think what those beginnings are Hedera Vitu makes it special. It would be a great honor for me if my personal story could serve as an example or guide for other women, future entrepreneurs who dream of doing a similar project. Everything, as usual, started from a dream. That is, I have always nurtured a love of fine and beautiful art. So at some point I came up with the idea of ​​turning that talent into something “tangible,” something I can share with others. This is how handmade soaps were created, our first product, which we still know today and are handmade. In this way, I realized that I could make a great combination of all these elements that are close to me in this industry: nature (through our ingredients), the beauty of the senses (through the smells and textures of the products), but also. the fine arts themselves (through the aesthetics of the product) .and the colorful design of the packaging).

What are the basic values ​​of your brand?

When we talk about core values Hedera Vite, we return to naturalness. As the mechanisms of the production process itself have been modernized, we adhere to the principle of which we are particularly proud, but also to the principle that makes us known. I mentioned coherence earlier, which I consider to be a very important postulate — we are without compromise here. The spirit of the people behind our story is also important. I am proud to see not only my teammates and myself as a well-coordinated business team, but also as a family that exchanges ideas, shares successes, but also moments of crisis in every business. This way of working for our team is in line with the original dream we talked about: to approach production directly, lovingly and carefully. I would also like to mention the effort to remain original; we are constantly refreshing the range of existing products with new products. In addition, we design new vessels and always try to make them interesting, brightly colored, inspiring … We introduce new members of different ages, genders and professions to promote “brain storming” and not fall into the routine.

What it is based on Hedera Vita philosophy?

In several important postulates. First and foremost, as a focus of our focus on nature, we need to give customers access to their most beautiful gifts. It is a pillar of our business because we believe that only in nature can we create healthy and effective cosmetic products that our customers deserve. Then the quality that does not change and can always be told. Also important is the principle of direct relationships that we nurture with our customers and partners. Our doors are always open to them, as well as to everyone who wants to consult with us, because we believe in healthy competition.

How is it yours portfolio? What can we find there?

Over the years, Hedera Vita he has developed many recipes, both for his own needs and for the needs of his partners and customers who produce the services. We currently offer over 300 face, body and hair care products. We try to keep up with the times and trends, so every year we work on developing new products that are needed in the market.

Can you tell us more about the ingredients that your brand formulations are based on?

Hedera Vita the products are based on ingredients of natural origin, as well as organic ones, and in very high concentrations. Many of our products, on the labels themselves, feature a specific percentage of ingredients of natural origin. In accordance with the ISO 16128 standard, which we strictly respect and apply in our company, all products with a percentage of 95% or more are classified as natural products. Unfortunately, consumers are unable to verify this because they have no knowledge of the formulas for products that are trade secrets. What is stated on the product label is completely true – it lists all the ingredients. In addition to ingredients of natural origin, you will also find synthetic ones, of high purity, but in low concentrations, necessary and sufficient to store the physical-chemical and microbiological stability of the product within the expected duration.

What are your top selling products?

We live in a time of high pollution, air, water, the environment in general. In addition, we eat unhealthily … All of these factors negatively affect our skin, not only our face but also our body. This is probably the reason why the products in the collection are sold for acne-prone skin today, as well as for anti-cellulite gels. I would also like to mention the shampoo with macadamia oil, which has been very effective in the fight against acne.

What are your plans for the future?

I am glad that so many years have passed since our brand existed, Hedera Vita There are a lot of fresh ideas, plans, somewhere like I said at the beginning of our conversation – dreams. The work we do is not easy, it requires a lot of investment, dedication and rigor, but it all makes up for it by always encouraging us to do “more”, which allows us to develop and grow. There really are no restrictions. That’s why our plans for the future are so many, and I think they can be achieved in the near future. Some of them are creating new products and readable cosmetic lines, conquering an even wider market, collaborating with new partners … So everything that can contribute to our basic goal remains unchanged since its inception. Hedera Vite – the health, happiness and beauty of our consumers.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

Be natural, both in life and at work, and therefore when choosing the cosmetics you use. Only in connection with nature can we realize our highest potential — spiritual, physical, and aesthetic. Listen to what your true self tells you.


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