The #sweaternails trend is the perfect choice on winter days


The #sweaternails technique that mimics the texture of your longest sweater has gone far beyond social measures!

If you’re in a dilemma as to which model of winter manicure you will prioritize, our suggestion is to have #sweaternails, a design reminiscent of sweaters. This “knitted” manicure enjoys a lot of popularity on Instagram for five minutes, and fits in perfectly with winter clothing combinations. It features 3D pattern reliefs that mimic the texture of a sweater. A calm and skillful hand is necessary for its creation, which is why it is best to arrange an appointment at your favorite beauty salon.

How to create a #sweaternails manicure?

Using a special tool and a durable varnish / gel, the manicurist will draw the desired pattern (“dot”) on your nails. After applying and drying the base coat in the desired color, draw the pattern you want with the same shade, fix it with a clear, acrylic powder (or sequin powder), and then dry it on a lamp. You will get the most spectacular effect if you highlight one or two nails with this technique, or if you draw the tops with this technique – like a French manicure. But even if you opt for a “total look”, you won’t go wrong.

I READ IT … Would you bring a nail design?

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