The Texas dress will be the main piece of fashion this year, and here’s why

Texas dress

The Texas dress has long been an essential piece of clothing, and we will be wearing it in every way possible this season. Here’s what he’s talking about.

The Rixo brand recently unveiled its sustainable collection of denim pieces and once again showed us that denim dresses don’t go anywhere, quite the opposite! This clothing is very diverse, where it can be perfectly combined with sneakers, boots, high heels or any other option. Therefore, these dresses have been a favorite piece of the season.

A Texas dress is a must-have 2022 fashion.

Depending on the pattern and color of your jeans, with your favorite bag and jewelry, your look will be completed very quickly and easily. And with that, we look like A list ladies with dresses like this. And how we can all combine our denim dresses, we explain below.

Simple and effective

Light jeans can be easily combined with any type of shoe, but you can achieve a chic effect with the ankles. To sweeten the look a bit, add a belt chain, which is very popular this year.


What’s especially good about Texas is that the material is appreciated, so it’s easy to mix with other fabrics. The result is unusual cuts and blends.


You can keep your favorite summer denim dress warm by wearing it under your skirt or shirt.

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Like a coat

A coat-like dress is a great option when we don’t have much time to think about clothes. A bag of expression and a favorite pair of shoes will make you look special.


Pair a denim dress with your favorite gown, poncho, blazer or jacket. Warm up, but in a chic way. segray / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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