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thermal damage to hair

Thermal damage to the hair does not have to be a mandatory epilogue for frequent hair cutting.

Unfortunately, thermal damage to your hair is not uncommon, especially if you use different hair styling machines every day. It’s nice to bring in perfect curls or completely straight ends, but what if one day – due to frequent cuts – you wake up with dry, damaged hair ?! Hair experts say that prevention is “better than cure” and that it is best to avoid heat. But if you can’t say goodbye to an iron or a curling iron, here are some tips to help reduce the risk of thermal damage.

Thermal Hair Damage – Here’s How to Avoid It …

Keep your hair hydrated

Proper application of heat can cause dry and brittle hair, which is why moisturizing your hair is essential. To avoid damage, practice a cleansing routine that will leave your hair wet. Make sure you get a non-cleansing hair mask, oil, or conditioner.

Use heat protection

This is another important step! Before removing the styling tool, make sure that your hair is protected from heat. This type of spray / cream will give your hair a protective coating and will act as a barrier between heat and hair. Or, apply sunscreen every time you finish washing your wet hair. Also, if you’re combing dry hair, “wet” the strands well.

Do not treat wet hair

Ironing wet hair with a hot iron – no, no! Although it may seem like a quick fix for both styling and drying, the use of heat on wet hair will increase the damage. Allow the hair to dry naturally (in the air) before putting it on the heat.

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Say goodbye to the temporary stiffening device

The most effective advice is the easiest. Do not use heat frequently. If you use styling tools regularly, set the “temperature to work” at the lowest temperature you can be sure of. When you notice that your hair is starting to dry out, take a break from the tools until you are sure your strands are fully hydrated. While it may be difficult to give up styling, keep in mind that healthy hair – in the long run – will look better than cut hair.

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