These 5 mistakes make you look older …

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Here are some simple anti-aging strategies that will help you fix the most common mistakes, improve your makeup routine, and cover the years!

Anti-aging effect with makeup – it’s possible if you’re not mistaken. But you may be loyal to some makeup habits for a long time and without realizing that they are the main culprits for your appearance not reflecting your true age (read: despite a lot of hard work, you still look great. Older!). When it comes to makeup, keep in mind that even the most subtle changes can make a big difference (challenging age and building self-confidence). Come on, let’s correct the mistakes!

Against Makeup: Bring time with makeup!

ERROR: A sharp and noticeable eye liner

SOLUTION: Smooth and blurred lines

If it’s been your favorite eyeliner since high school, it’s time to change that. A sharp stroke with a black pencil / eyeliner pays too much attention to the area around the eyes, and therefore to the small wrinkles in this region.

SOLUTION BAR: Try a more discreet shade, such as cocoa, gold brown or copper, and mix. It will still give you a dramatic look, but in a much more subtle way. Try it Naj Oleari Eye Kajal 02 (1) emphasizes its smooth, smooth formula. It is perfect for emphasizing the outer contour of the eye, drawing a specific line, or for the smokey eyes effect when there is shadow.

ERROR: Skipping starter

SOLUTION: Its usual use

Using primer is an additional step, but also very valuable – it provides the necessary moisture for mature skin. In addition, proper skin preparation is essential for the makeup to look good and good.

SOLUTION BAR: Before the powder, apply a primer to smooth out wrinkles. Choose one that has moisturizing properties, for example Artdeco Makeup Base with anti-aging effect (2), which fills fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen and keratin and makes the skin stronger, while at the same time retaining calcium in the cells, slowing down the aging process.

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ERROR: Using powder blush

SOLUTION: Use a creamy formula

Signs of aging and sun damage may appear on the cheeks, and the powder form highlights fine wrinkles.

SOLUTION BAR: For a pink sheen, add a creamy red. Touch your fingertips slightly more than your cheeks to create a false lifting effect. Try it ILLAMASQUA Dixie reddening cream (3), which will emphasize the fullness of the cheeks.

ERROR: Complete error camouflage

SOLUTION: Strategic concealment of errors

It’s tempting to try to hide changes that come with age, such as stains, fine streaks, or enlarged pores, but the skin will be fresher if you focus on strategic coverage instead of full camouflage. For example, heavy concealers emphasize even thinner skin even instead of covering it.

SOLUTION BAR: Apply the base only where it is needed (stains, pimples …), in a thin layer. Use a smooth bristle brush to gently mix the base without stretching the skin. Replace the concealer matte formula with a moisturizer, which gives a lifting effect. Try it Collistar Lifting Effect Concealer (4), which combines the immediate lifting effect with the perfect coverage. In addition, this product contains vitamin E and UV filters, which protect the skin, moisturize and slow down the aging process.

ERROR: Too thin eyebrows

SOLUTION: Complete arches

And the eyebrows make a noticeable difference. When they are full, you can wear less makeup. If you ignore them, your face will be much older.

SOLUTION BAR: To define it in three steps, try it out Avon Shadow eyebrow palette in the right tone (5). Step 1: Fill the front of the eyebrow with a lighter shade – draw fine, straight lines on the part closest to the nose that mimics natural hair. Step 2: Use a darker tone from the bow to the end of the eyebrow. Step 3: To raise the eyebrows, apply the illuminator under the arch.

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