This new formula is aimed at four areas of the eye area …

new formula

New formula Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrector Cream Eye Zone Treatment it combines cutting-edge scientific discoveries with multi-action technology.

The area around the eyes can be divided into four main areas: the eyebrow arch, the eyelid, the outer corner and the area under the eye, and each area has several visible signs of aging, such as lightening of the skin, wrinkles, dryness, swelling. under the eyelids and under the eyelids. Unlike some eye creams that affect only one of these areas, Kiehl’s formulates an eye cream that effectively addresses these four areas – Super Multi-corrective cream Eye Zone treatment.

A new formula as a youth promoter

What’s his secret?

Super Multi-corrective cream Eye Zone treatment it significantly softens, strengthens, refreshes the skin of the eyes and reduces the swelling of the eyelids, helping to achieve a narrower and significantly younger appearance. The texture of this multi-effect cream has three main components that are effective against the signs of aging. The formula is made up of a patented anti-aging molecule – ProxylaneGX, which enhances and significantly strengthens the skin’s elasticity, helping to make it look stronger, a botanical extract of blueberry seed, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps protect and protect delicate skin around the eyes. peptides look smoother, “responsible” for improving skin firmness and reducing fine outer lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

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Treatment plus

And when you need extra attention at night, try a facial exercise Multi-zone micro trainingspecially designed as a cream supplement Super Multi-corrective cream Eye Zone treatment.

Step 1: For a significantly elevated area of ​​the eyebrow arch

Press and hold the eyebrow arch for a second or two before turning it forward.

Step 2: Thoroughly smooth the top cover

Touch the formula with your fingertip, from the inside edge of the eye to the outside – to the temples.

Step 3: For visible outer corners

Gently massage the outer edges and temples with upward movements.

Step 4: Relieve swelling under the eyes

Gently rub the product under the eye, first under the inner corner, and then by moving it outward.

MORE INFORMATION: Cream Super Multi-corrective cream Eye Zone treatment is available at Kiehl’s shops Ada Mallu i Belgrade Galleryas well as the online store.

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