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pimples and acne

Brain and acne often are a phenomenon that affects not only young people but also those over the age of 25, and an effective recipe for their treatment arrives from the brand’s lab La Roche-Posay.

The appearance of acne and pimples is not just a matter of aesthetics. Often, these persistent skin irregularities can lead to anxiety and even depression, which can lead to the appearance of new acne. Samim tim, get out of that crazy wheel of everything yes tends to. Research for this purpose La Roche-Posay they showed what they had done in February and March if 49.7% of teenagers feel unwell while he has acne or pimples, almost a third them he doesn’t want to leave the house when is faced with these irregularities. This can have a very negative effect on self-confidence. Who is otherwise in these sensitive years at risk. On the other hand, adults are not free from permanent pimples, which are most often caused by stress. As a result of climate change and externalitiesašnjih Attackers, such as air pollution, sunlight exposure, poor nutrition, young people, but also adults, are increasingly exposed to acne. To It is one of the most common skin problems affecting 26,000 people, a that’s it – in addition to affecting facial aesthetics – reflects and in mental health. Studies have shown that 50 percent of patients with acne isolate themselves, 46 percent of them are prone to developing depression, and 350,000 school days are lost due to the same problem. Be it first or second group, one thing is for sure: you need an effective and quick solution that is behind the 90,000 dermatologists. That’s where it comes from La Roche-Posay laboratory.

Brain and acne: effective allies to help you overcome them

Effaclar Duo + anti-irregularity cream for teenagers

Confused feelings, violent reactions, school and college challenges can make you feel like you are young no one understands. Because of hormones, this time onjust go wild, suffer and skin and their self confidence. Erase Duo + cream it has been carefully designed just for them. It’s a formula based three main components: niacinamideyou – which reduces redness and inflammatory processes, prozeradu which protects against the appearance of skin blemishes after removal of acne i aqua posee filiformisu and manosaand – which help restore balance and stimulate skin regeneration. The first results are seen within 12 hours, after which most irregularities are significantly reduced eight days of use. The main benefits Erase Duo + they are creams Quickly clean existing pimples, preventing recurrence and limiting the risk of stains. This is confirmed by numerous studies of the brand, and even more so 13,000 respondents worldwide, with acne-prone skin, confirmed the reduction in pimples and blackheads, as well limited onset of progressive hyperpigmentation.

Effaclar Ultra Concentrate for Relieving Acne and Wrinkles in Adults

For many, the end of puberty does not mean the end feeling sick with acne and pimples. On the contrary, even 40% women Between the ages of 20 and 40 he still faces these irregularities, which in some of them it reflects negatively to daily activities and interaction with others. Clear Ultra kconcentrated serum, thanks combinationsi active ingredient in high concentrations, acts as peeling and skin softening agentpreventing at the same time recurrence of acne and others errors. It has been shown to work immediately, with noticeable skin improvements already then first application. They are the ones that make this serum especially effective three acids i niacinamide which gives visible results – it covers irregularities and, from time to time In 28 days, it reduces scars to 49 percent caused by acne.

Dermatologist’s personalized acne protocol

Research, that is, for needs brand La Roche-Posay made at the beginning of the year Joomboosone of the most popular youth platforms in the region, showed that only 14% of teenagers in our country visit dermatologists when they have acne and pimples. In addition, just over 20% of them buy face care products at pharmacies.

Therefore, skin care experts recommend that young people always turn to them for help and advice. a daily routine that includes Erase Duo + cream i Effects facial cleansing gel foam to reduce long-term irregularities and prevent their recurrence. For the elderly, dermatologists recommend its use Clear Ultra concentrated serum combined with Effects skin cleansing gel micro-peeling, Deep cleanses fats, removes excess sebum, makes skin smoother and more even.

The great news is that Fr.Nowadays, you can find these “skin care” protocols in pharmacies at special prices. The offer is valid until stocks run out.

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