This season’s winter vests: Here’s how to dress

Winter vests

This year’s winter vests help us express our style in the most original way possible.

In general, vests have been around for many years in the fashion world. From knitwear, cotton, cropped top, wool and puff pastry, most of us have at least one pattern.

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And lately as with all other fashion trends, for the winter season, we’ve found inspiration in TikTok. And here’s what we found.

Winter vests


It seems to us that this design never goes out of style. With your favorite jeans or skirts, you’ll be able to attract looks wherever you appear.

Thick combinations

Choose color combinations that would not otherwise exist. This season, there is a trend for shades of red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

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Top trimmed

Top cropped vests, with slightly longer sleeves, give a relaxed and modern look.


The unique soft cashmere is perfect for winter days. And it looks great as a vest, you have to admit.

Large in size

As with most other outfits, oversized vests are essential this season. Comfortable, modern and chic!


This model is used in bags, scarves, trousers, leggings, but also in vests.

Sweet combinations

Shirt, then a vest, then a shorter skirt or short winter pants and boots – the perfect combination to go for everyday variations!

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