This year’s Beldocs Festival presents a selection of “Meteors” films

Beldocs Festival

This year Beldocs the festival represents a selection The meteors they make the original voices of contemporary documentary film.

Jubilee, the 15th International Documentary Film Festival – BELDOCS 2022, will take place from 11 to 18 May 2022 in various parts of Belgrade.

The festival will feature films by great directors known for their genres and technological innovations, as well as young authors who are not shy about experimentation. Like meteors, things like this are not often seen and leave a mark. The Beldocs festival invites you to enjoy their worlds.

As every year, the selection of Meteoros The narrative structure is made up of bold and genuine films that are characterized by diversity and experimentation. There are twelve films to choose from and all of them are internal premieres. We are proud to have films by some of the world’s greatest art houses, such as James Benning (United States of America) and Apichatpong VirasetakulA mysterious object at noon) as well as the work of new and young authors who offer a new perspective and different styles and forms. ”Said Marko Grba Singh, Artistic Director of Beldocs.

Beldocs Festival 2022

Aralkum Ukrainian director Mile Zhluktenko presents the surreal cinematic landscape of the Aral Sea. Lonely desert landscapes full of rubble and bushes transform the sea, the sand turns into water and an old fisherman can navigate for the last time.

Turns Russian artist Ekaterina Selenkina (Detours) (Ekaterina Selenkina) dark web-and an anonymous city. The film takes place in a sleepy neighborhood, between the concrete walls of tall buildings, behind garages, next to abandoned railways … The camera takes turns and loses track of young Denis, a treasure keeper, hiding drug stocks throughout the city. Combining reconstruction, observation and fiction, the film explores layers of physical and virtual reality. On a larger scale, the author tries to identify people in their imposing and impersonal spaces, but also in the tense socio-political situation in the country.

Memories from the Eastern Front (Memories from the Eastern Front) Radu Jude and Adrian Cioflâncă (Radu Jude, Adrian Cioflâncă) is a film analysis of a photo album made by a Romanian army unit during World War II. This documentary seeks to show how a “military approach” works, what a soldier wants to see and save for his descendants. The album’s journey is interspersed with historical documents, and these photos also reveal what they want to hide.

Saturn and beyond (Saturn & Beyond) is another spectacular film by Irish director and writer Declan Clark (Declan Clarke) of modernity and XXI. which focuses on the issues of the great ups and downs of the twentieth century. Remembering his childhood, the author it seeks to observe the relationship between the decline of our neurological functions and the ongoing effort to develop faster and more penetrating technological means of communication.

Atlantis (Atlantis) is a spectacular documentary film by Italian director and video artist Yuri Ancarani, centered around young people in Venice’s floating neighborhoods, and whose hobby was building dangerous race boats and strolling through the city’s narrow canals. Young Daniel lives isolated from his group of members, and driven by tireless energy and fetishistic relationships with his ship, he risks his life to gain the respect of his friends.

Jetleg (Jet Lag) is a travel film from Vienna to China by Chinese director Zheng Lu Xinyuan. Protective clothing on the plane and the ribbon layers of the quarantine hotel evoke images of crime scenes or medical thrillers. This journey coincides with a family trip to Myanmar and a search for the family truth about the author’s grandfather, who disappeared and never returned in the 1940s.

Mysterious object at noon (Mysterious Object at Noon) Apichatpong Veerasethakul is a semi-documentary made by Thai master of contemplative cinema. Using surreal collage techniques, the author paints a true portrait of his countrymen. The film was shot without a script, and the film crew interviewed ordinary people traveling in Thailand, adding their own words to their stories. Emphasizing a culture that does not clash fantasy and reality, but lives together, the film celebrates the very act of telling stories as an essential part of everyday life.

Plains (The Plains) Australian filmmaker David Easteal follows a 50-year-old man who returns home to work in the suburbs of Melbourne every night from work. The seasons go by, and the author picks up on dramatic events, as well as ordinary everyday details of his life. Approaching the camera very closely, he depicts his emotional-psychological microcosm, dissecting his internal conflicts and relationships with his wife, mother, dead sister, as well as with a younger member who occasionally accompanies him on the way home.

Breg (Berg), the first feature film by Dutch director Joke Olthaar, is a high-altitude documentary journey from the point of view of three mysteriously connected mountaineers. He attracts and rejects the majestic mountains, calls to his arms, and when they begin to walk the mountains, there is no turning back. With black-and-white photographs and minimal sound recording, the work depicts the monumentality of mountain landscapes, as well as the insignificant importance of humans in associating with them.

Commune (Paris, 1871) (Toilet (Paris, 1871) Peter Watkins is another critical review of the audiovisual media in the work of this English director. In an astonishing reconstruction of the documentary, the author consciously presents revolutionary historical events using the anachronistic medium of television broadcasting. After the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War, the famine in Paris revolted against the dead and elected a left-wing government: the Paris Commune. Two months later, loyalist troops shut down the revolution in bloody rivers. Challenging narrative conventions and entrenched ideologies, Watkins sided with the revolutionaries, no doubt portraying the attitudes and inner tensions of women who “knew their place” in revolutionary Paris as well.

In his latest film Delay and play Alain Gomis travels back to 1969, presenting a scandalous recording of an interview with jazz musician Telonius Monk. The image of the raw saves shows the public an unfamiliar side of Thelonius’ personality, who is trying to break free from the chains of a violent factory of stereotypes. Through its influence on the life of the legendary artist, the film seeks to show the grotesque reality of the media machinery.

In the movie United States of America (USA) James Benning explores the United States and uses his usual long static shots to find the answer to the question: – Is it possible to present the place?“As in his first film in the title, the author travels across the United States in alphabetical order, from Heron Bay, Alabama to Kelly, Vyoming.

Jubilee 15th International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs 2022, to be held May 11-18 In seven locations in Belgrade, it will premiere more than 100 documentaries in 12 program units. Tickets are on sale online at

The festival was supported by the European Union through the Creative Europe MEDIA program, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Belgrade Secretariat of Culture, the Serbian Film Center, the Greek Film Center, the Montenegrin Film Center, the Danish Film Institute, Australia, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Goethe , Austrian Cultural Forum, Italian Cultural Center, French Institute, UN Women, OSCE Mission to Serbia, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Sasha Marchetta Foundation, Al Jazeera Balkans, DOX Television, ORION Telecom.

About Beldocsi

Beldocs, one of them major international documentary film festivals In this part of Europe, it is held every year in May in Belgrade. Founded in 2008, it is divided into 12 program units and organizes more than 100 premieres each year over the eight days of the festival, which can be seen in more than 7 venues. The Beldocs Festival awards 6 prizes in four competition programs.

In addition to film screenings, he organizes panels Master Class lectures, and workshops As part of Industrial activities, prizes are awarded for the development of future films. Every year, it brings together more than 150 international experts in the audiovisual industry, authors and producers. More than 200 partners from Serbia, the region and Europe support the work of the Beldocs Film Festival. The Beldocs Festival is hosting a creative team of more than 20 members, including film, design and art experts. Since 2017, Beldocs has been a partner in European projects: #europeanfilmchallenge, AVA Doc, Moving Cinema and a member of the European Documentary Association. More information at


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