Three hair colors that will dominate the hair scene in 2022.

three hair colors

Three hair colors will be the priority in the coming years in the hair scene – choose the one that best represents your character, sensitivity, taste, style …

Changing your hair color is a quick and easy way to freshen up your look and keep up with current beauty trends. And if you’ve been thinking about deciding this step for a long time, but aren’t sure which shade to choose, we’re here to help! Here are the nuances we’ll see almost everywhere this year – maybe some of them will catch your eye and you want to take them with you.

Three fashionable hair colors – what will be your choice?

Chocolate + caramel

The darker hair that stands out with the caramel strings will be very attractive. In addition, this color will increase the volume visually and give more light to your face.

Copper luster

Bacarana is unclear, as well as being very attractive, it has also been very popular for a long time. When everything turns white (like this time of year), he will definitely stand out from the crowd and pay even more attention to himself. To maintain this, it is recommended to use a mask that strengthens the hair and helps maintain the intensity of the color.

Platinum blue

In recent years, the popularity of blue platinum has not diminished. It reflects light the most, and helps your hair look shiny and vibrant, and will help you maintain purple shampoo.

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