TikTok new trend! Yes or no?

Lubricant as part of a beauty routine

Lubricant has become very popular as part of a beauty routine at TikTok, and here’s what it really is.

We are accustomed to encountering various makeup trends on social media, especially lately. Some tips have changed our lives, but some, we must admit, are weird.

Thus, a new unusual beauty trend appeared in TikTok: a lubricant instead of a primer, before the makeup routine. However, when she started using lubricants in her beauty routine in 2016, Huda Katan, the founder of the world-famous Huda Beauty brand, used lubricant and Vagisil cream instead in her video tutorial. Although she showed in the video how this combination works, she never repeated that beauty trick again later. Maybe for some reason?

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Lubricant as part of a beauty routine

The opinion of the dermatologist is not so critical when we look closely. There are lubricants that contain castor oil, which otherwise tighten the hair, but also reduce the appearance of pores. However, since lubricants usually also contain silicone, care must be taken because some may be good for the skin, and for others we may have reactions: full pores, skin irritation, and the appearance of pimples.

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Famous makeup artist Niki decided to try this beauty trick herself. And what he thinks about it, it’s better to know for yourself, in the video below.

Trainer: Lana Biželj

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