TikTok trends that we will remember in 2021; Here are the most popular ones

TikTok trends

The TikTok trends that we have followed throughout the year have made a big impression on us, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Freeze honey, pasta with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, frozen beauty sponge, famous dance to reduce waist circumference, shaving foam in routine makeup, chlorophyll water …

There are a lot of things we’ve seen at TikTok over the past year, in a variety of areas. And what were the most watched and well-known trends, we explain below.

TikTok trends that we will remember in 2021.

Culinary arts

Feta paste is definitely TikTok’s 1st recipe. Behind her, in second place was rice with Emilia Marica salmon, which also went viral.

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Beauty and care

Undoubtedly, the most popular videos were of girls curling their hair with the help of socks. In addition, the trend of applying lip liner to closed lips was very well received. Frozen beauty sponges have also received positive reviews.

New ideas

Of course, we also came across some TikTok newspapers. Here we would classify frozen honey (tasty and healthy in understandable quantities) as well as #womansonly gyms whose concepts delighted us.

DIY projects

Home decor, do-it-yourself manicure, make-up, hairstyles … Last year we saw and learned a lot of educational and creative things.

Strange trends

However, in the end, it’s important to keep in mind that not all TikTok trends are safe, and some of them can be harmful. Remember the tendency to immerse fruit in protein powders, to dry the eyelashes with a hair dryer or to consume “dry” protein powder without water.

@sophiamasterton Reply @ gabrielahernan549 Wait #gamechanger #mascararoutine #lashroutine #makeuphacks # lashextensions ♬ Egyptian Pools – Jinsang

And while we’re waiting to see what TikTok brings to us next year, we remind you be careful when consuming content online.

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