TikTok’s new trend in body positivity celebrates natural beauty and here’s how

TikTok is a new trend in body positivity

TikTok’s new trend in body positivity has delighted social media users and has led more and more people to try it out.

We have witnessed the influence of social media on filters, unpleasant comments, fake smiles and, in general, young people and their image of themselves. That’s why it’s wonderful to see that the trends we’re hoping to stay are emerging.

TikTok is a new trend in body positivity

This trend looks similar: the user uses a filter to beautify, such as face makeup or long eyelashes, and with a song. Torn In My Heartat a certain beat, the person removes the filter and shows what his or her face really looks like.

@lianajadeeI love this trend ♬ Tear in My Heart – twenty one pilot

So TikTok, but also Instagram, is full of positive comments about natural beauty and we see faces on social media with no change. photoshop. An excellent commentary on the positivity of the body and a critique of unrealistic standards of beauty are not diminished by numerous researches that have filtered young people, large lips and thin waists that negatively affect them.

Along with this trend, the reality of social media caught the last one similarly, with the number of kilograms on the scales and the fact that two different bodies show why we can’t just drive heavy.

Social media and the ideal of beauty

Instagram and TikTok have been under control for a long time, especially in the European Union, as depression and insecurity among young people have increased as a result of what they see on social media. This has led to a law in Norway stating that anyone who advertises an Instagram product in the future will have to indicate how the photo has changed in some way. They did it because they thought it would discourage people and not so much photoshop photos. A similar law is being implemented in the UK.

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Instagram has also banned statuses that promote weight loss and cosmetic surgery, and the possibility of getting rid of the pleasures in some countries has been considered – which is why we now have the opportunity to not like our followers. Recently, Spark AR, a company that deals with multiple Instagram filters, announced that it will remove all effects related to plastic surgery. Prohibiting filters that affect the face of plastic surgery is the latest change in Instagram.

Hopefully this positive trend will continue and we will soon forget about this time of distorted ideals of beauty.

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