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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, zoom meetings have become our daily lives, but sometimes we are not prepared for that. This can be easily changed …

We all experienced it: a zoom meeting with a new client. They put on makeup and hairstyles, and then, as our character appears on the screen, we find flaws in our appearance. Video calls are also a reflection of the real situation.

But luckily for us, there are tricks that will help us shine at the next network meeting. Here’s how!

Zoom meetings: tricks and tips for a perfect look (and impression!)

Arrange the space

It’s not exactly a makeup tip, but the background in which you make or attend a Zoom meeting is also very important. Choose a part of the house that has details that will take your attention away from your face, especially if you have been inadvertently invited to a meeting. For example, a space where you can find a beautiful photo or wallpaper are perfect for online meetings.


The brighter the space, the better. Avoid dark rooms that create shadows so as not to make a low-budget horror film.

The good sides are the faces

Angle is key and we all have a better side of the face. Rotate as you would with your favorite selfie post.

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Define eyelashes

Keep your eyes and eyelashes in the foreground. After applying the mascara, comb the eyelashes well to get volume and length. Then the eyes will be seen despite the blurred image on the other side.


Apply blush on the cheeks to achieve a natural and healthy shine. Liquid blush is recommended.

Avoid lip graffiti

Bright lipsticks like pink and orange are a great “no” for Zoom meetings. Choose more neutral shades because you want them to be as natural as possible.


The last thing we want is to use heavy makeup in a low resolution video call. However, strategically apply the concealer to circles, scars, pimples or redness on the facial skin. You’ll be rested even when you’re not.

Be your own

Lastly, this is the most important thing, even if it seems like a cliché. Be natural and express your personality with makeup. Also, try to be cheerful and smiling.

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