Top 6 Hair Winter Trends for This Season: Celebrity Inspiration

The 6 biggest winter hair trends

We present to you the 6 biggest winter hair trends of this season that we have seen out in the world.

Winter is the favorite season for many. Home decor, gifts, small holidays, the smell of cinnamon, “cheating” days, sweets … And a glass of mulled wine.

On top of all that, we also have hair trends for you that will refresh and wake you up every winter morning, no matter how gloomy. And we found inspiration in world stylists King Carter and Priscilla Wales. And they are, let’s face it, responsible for star hairstyles like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

So why don’t we take the form of Hollywood divas as well? Here’s how.

The 6 biggest winter hair trends

Volume, volume and a little more volume!

It’s best for your hair this winter season. King Carter predicts that “sea” waves will be in vogue this winter, but in a slightly larger and denser shape.

Half tail

The raised front of her hair, while waving freely behind her, is a complete success this season. And half of the tail can also be straight or curly, whichever you prefer. You can play around with it and move on to a few threads, taking the 90s hairstyle as a model.

The more curls

Girls with curly natural hair should not be ironed this winter. The more curly the hair, the better. Plus, the volume is everything this season!

The section is in the middle

With a piece of long, straight hair in the middle, Kim Kardashian’s model is a must-have this season. If you have straight, long, straight hair.

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Ice, ice baby

It’s time to say goodbye to warm tones, especially if you’re blonde. Fresh hair is allowed in shades of gray, ash, blue or purple or anything that mimics snow and ice.


Seasons and medium length hair are all the rage this season. For more volume, curl your hair or expose it.

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