Transparent bangs are a new trend that suits everyone!

Blow transparent

The transparent bangs took five minutes, and we think the popularity will last a little longer, as this hairstyle is so much appreciated – it fits everyone!

Whatever hairstyle you look good on is really hard work, especially with “curtain” bangs, which need to be cut with a few scissors, to a certain length and properly shaped to look good.

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And there was no problem combing or drying our hair when we were in our forties because we had no other choice. But what now when we start living again? We don’t have that much time to dry our hair and that’s why we’re glad that “transparent turns” have become fashionable.

Transparent bangs – a new trend for success

These are thin, sparse pans that show more forehead and can usually be seen in Asian women. And now that trend is slowly reaching Europe and the United States. The great thing is that these bangs fit into a different face shape (be it a smaller or larger forehead) because you won’t close your face, but you will create a young, modern look that will give you freshness.

Here are some ideas for inspiration!

Trainer: Lana Biželj

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