Transparent clothes are becoming more and more popular, and here’s how to wear them

Transparent clothes

If you’re into an adventurous fashion moment, transparent clothing comes into play. And how to combine, and how not to, reveals to us the stylists of the world.

Even if not everyone will be happy to try this trend, sheer clothes don’t necessarily have to be a dangerous fashion move. When combined in the right way, it can be fun and playful, and it will promote self-confidence, not promiscuity. In fact, the most important thing is to know what to wear under such pieces, and stylists help us with that.

Transparent clothes

By world star stylists (Baby Rex, Paris Jackson, John Legend) Daniel Brown, wearing transparent garments depends on two things: the occasion and the type of clothing we wear. And what underwear?


Whether it’s a sporty chest, a t-shirt top, or a detailed chest, if the top is transparent and lacks a lot of detail, this can be chic and modern.

Transparent bottom

Sophistication is key here, Brown said. Deep waist pants and skirts with opaque material on the abdomen and buttocks are the best choice.

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Transparent dresses

Choosing here depends on how much you want to hide. Here, too, the rule is that dresses with a deep waist and a transparent part should be at the foot. Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff through Getty Entertainment

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