Tricks and tips for cold winter days

How to save hairstyles under a hat

How to keep a hairstyle under a hat during the winter months? This is not as elusive a task as it may seem at first.

Winter is approaching, and with that, we get dressed in warmer clothes. In addition, it’s time to slowly take off your warm wardrobe with scarves, gloves and hats.

Each of us has faced how difficult it is to have a hairstyle intact or at least intact under a hat. Because of the material of the cap itself, it often happens that our hair is electrified, blinded, and loses its shape and volume. However, this can be stopped with hair stylist tricks.

How to save hairstyles under a hat

Before you wear your favorite hat (or hat), do the splitting on the other side (which you never do). When you remove the cover, return the partition to the normal side. The hair will not stick and will not lose volume. This trick may seem simple, but it is actually very effective.

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It is also recommended to wash your hair thoroughly every morning and evening. This way, you will remove the pollution that enters the hair, and you will also improve the circulation, and the hair will “bounce”.

If you have a habit of washing your hair in the morning, while you sleep, apply oil, which will deeply nourish your hair, making it healthier.

Also, when you set up a haircut, use a hair spray to fix your hairstyle. You can also use baby powder (or a special powder for hair volume) to prevent hair from sticking. Omid Armin via Unsplash

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