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Gothic business style

Gothic style of business and how it can act professionally and smoothly while maintaining originality.

Fashion trends are always changing. And what is IN today, may be obsolete tomorrow. However, throughout the fashion game, we have already noticed that some trends are being translated, “recycled” and modernized. This is the case with the Gothic style, which can already be worn outside of concerts and free time.

Gothic business style

Gothic fashion has always been a trend that adapts and complements with the advent of new generations. There are many variations on the same theme, so this “darker” style has somehow been assimilated into the business world. Well, if you like to dress like this, here are some ways to fit into your business attire.

Skin to skin

Leather pieces (whether real or eco-friendly) are essential elements of the Gothic style. And if you combine leather pants with a soft sweater, a white shirt and / or a black blazer, you’ll get a sophisticated gothic style.

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Thorns and details

Thorns, rivets and other details and how they can be worn in business combinations. The secret is to wear jewelry in layers, which is very modern today.

Metal and silver

Metal and silver jewelry are essential in the Gothic style. Decorate yourself with a thick silver chain, which is very striking and yet not excessive.


Velvet also has its place in the Gothic style, so get a velvet midi dress and combine it with a sweater and a oversized blazer.

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