Tweed clothing is the hot trend of the season: Look for pieces in grandma’s wardrobe!

Tweed clothing entered the fashion scene thanks to Chanel, and since then, garments made with this material have gone down in history.

Tweed has become fashionable again on the big doors, which is not surprising, as almost every trend this season has a “bourgeois” touch. (Think only of polo shirts, pleated skirts and knitted vest sweaters). And now there’s the classic fabric mentioned. In fact, curls or tweeds have never disappeared from the fashion scene, but now it has passed from grandma’s wardrobe to the wardrobe of almost every fashion stylist and influencer. This makes it look better than ever!


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What is tweed?

Tweed is synonymous with an elegant and chic look, as created by the famous Coco Chanel. The short jacket of the time is still one of the most popular pieces of this famous fashion house. In French, “loop” means something like “bow” or “loop,” which perfectly describes the appearance of the fabric.

Woven from threads with a small loop, it is used to make garments and tops of clothing. The most popular type of tweed is woven with a thick thread that creates a knot look.

Tweed clothing is a successful winter season fashion

But how to wear tweed jackets, coats and jackets this season? To avoid a bit of an old-fashioned touch and get a chic look, combine it with casual pieces. Combine today’s popular tweed jackets with jeans. Smooth the look of the tweed with sharp combinations or wear a leather jacket.


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In addition to jackets and blazers, tweed skirts and dresses are also in vogue this season.


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For a very fashionable and eye-catching combination, get a costume that looks very challenging this season: short skirts, often folded and look great with high boots, and jackets with prominent buttons, usually oversized cuts, are easy to wear many others. combinations.

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This material is very nice and warm, so it’s no surprise that it has returned to the fashion scene before the winter season. The warmth of the curls is hidden in the weaving technique itself. That’s why a wake-up coat is a great choice for fall and winter.


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How does the rule keep tweed?

As with any garment, it is advisable to follow the instructions on the label. If your fashionable item is made of synthetic fiber, it can usually be washed at 30 degrees in a delicate laundry program with the addition of a mild detergent. Pieces made of wool are still taken for dry cleaning.

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