Unintended side effect of Linda Evangelista’s aesthetic procedure

Unintended side effect of Linda Evangelista’s aesthetic procedure

The unwanted side effect of Linda Evangelista’s aesthetic procedure is the subject of all the media in the world, and here’s what it really is.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista was one of the most famous models in the 1990s. His face was everywhere, on the catwalk, on campaigns, in advertisements and on the covers of magazines. But for the past five years, Linda has lived in solitude and tried to stay out of the public eye because of a cosmetic procedure that all went wrong.

Unintended side effect of Linda Evangelista’s aesthetic procedure

In an interview with the magazine People, Linda presented details that kept her out of the public eye. Namely, the model underwent a CoolSculpting treatment, which is a non-surgical liposuction. Although the treatment was less invasive, the model had lasting effects.

In September last year, Linda also filed a lawsuit against the company that designed this cosmetic procedure.

I was pleaseddem catwalks. And now it scares me. I can no longer live and hide like that. I’m finally ready to talk, he said.

A few months after the treatment, she noticed lumps and bumps on her body from her chin to her thighs.

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I tried to get rid of it myself. I didn’t eat it, but the fat didn’t go away. I thought I was losing my mind.

He then visited a doctor and was diagnosed with paradoxical adipose tissue hyperplasia. This is a rare side effect that occurs in less than 1% of patients receiving the above treatment. In other words, lumps appear after the fat tissue has thickened and started to grow, after freezing.

– I couldn’t know myself either physically or mentally. The model admits that Linda disappeared five years ago.

– The lumps are hard. If I walk in a dress or skirt without a corset, the lumps hurt and they start to bleed. I don’t look in the mirror anymore.

The model hopes to help those who have experienced a similar problem by sharing their experience and trauma.

Why should we do such things to our body? I knew I would grow old. I knew that some things in my body would change. But I didn’t know I would look like that, he said at the end.

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