Unusual gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping ideas

We’ve found gift wrapping ideas on Instagram, and we’re sharing our favorites.

The holiday season is approaching, and the holiday euphoria is taking over. If you’re also looking forward to the upcoming holidays, you’re probably already thinking about gifts for your friends. Some of them may have already been purchased.

Of course, every gift should be nice and wrapped. And if you’re tired of standard wrapping bags or wrapping paper, here are some unusual ideas that can serve as inspiration.

Gift wrapping ideas


You will need plain dark paper, thread, twigs as you like and some details. This is very easy to complain about, and it seems sophisticated and simple.


If you want to protect the environment and at the same time give a gift in bulk, here’s a great idea. You can use your chosen bed, fabric or old material.

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Another way to take care of the environment and enjoy your loved ones in a slightly more unusual way.

It smells like a holiday

You will need dark paper, thread and dry oranges. You need to prepare in advance to collect the gifts in this way. Cut the oranges into thin rings, place on a cloth and allow to dry at room temperature. You can do this today.


If you find it monotonous to wrap a gift in plain paper, you may wake up the child inside you. You can draw different characters or paste Christmas details on paper.

For the unprepared

Are you in a hurry and don’t have time to buy decorative paper? No problem! Use plain white paper (you can also get what we get with shoes =. Wrap it in a gift, tie it with a colorful or plain thread and add the decoration as you wish. It can be a bow, a dried flower or a garden leaf.

So simple

We present another sustainable, simple and unusual way to collect gifts.

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