Valentine’s Day gift ideas with the help of a gift consultant

Valentine's Day gift ideas

The idea of ​​a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to bother us anymore. The gift counselor, Jelena, helps people design and find original gifts for their loved ones. And this time, he helped us choose Valentine’s Day gifts.

Jelena’s love for her original gift came from a young age as a result of a situation that will be familiar to many readers. The end of the birthday celebration, the excitement at the opening of the gift and finally six glasses, two frames and four sets of BU.

It pained me that no one cared to show me that they knew me with a gift. I knew that others should feel the same way, so first I started thinking about personal and original gifts for family and best friends, and it soon became my love, there was no “more ordinary” gift. “I don’t like to talk about teaching as a science, but over time, the rules I constantly follow have crystallized,” he said.

Gifts- Consultant- Rules for choosing gifts

First rule: it is bought according to the size and taste of the person to whom the gift is given, not according to one’s own taste.
I would say that each of us has at least found ourselves in a situation he wanted his mother, sister, or best friend to buy something for him (for example, a bag or a new jewelry). To make the situation even more comical, you might want to buy an elegant bag for a woman who is a sports man and will never use.
Second rule: an expensive gift is not a valuable gift.

In conversations with people, I often realize that they have a belief that only expensive gifts are worth it. In my opinion, this cannot be further from the truth. The value of a gift is measured only by the emotion that affects the person we give it to. For example, a sincere love letter and a photo album with shared memories can be worth much more than an hour of 300 euros.

Third rule: whenever possible, start preparing gifts on time.

You will appreciate that you will not be under stress and at the last minute you can buy gifts, and you can also earn money because you can find the item you want at a discount.

Fourth rule: Listen to what the person preparing a gift says, because he or she will often find out what the best gift would be.

I apply this all the time, especially with your partner, family, and close friends. I listen carefully as they talk, I write down their wishes and needs, and when it’s time to buy presents, I’m ready!

Rule Five: If you have no idea what to buy as a gift, take a page and write the first five to ten associations (occupation, hobby, unfulfilled desires, dream of life, inner tricks, etc.).

Look at the list and ask yourself what would make a person happy, fulfill a long-term wish, or help them with a gift to make their job even better. Try this simple exercise and I’m sure you’ll know at least five minutes in which direction you’ll be looking for a gift.

From the experience of working with women, it seems hardest to think of a gift for a partner. They say that good ideas are quickly exhausted, as many gifts are given to your partner throughout the year (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, (). to find a gift for the present.To make it a little easier for you, below I share my top ten Valentine’s Day favorites with you.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

1. Digital album (@

This is Serbia’s first digital album, and videos with your favorite shared memories are accessed via a USB cable. There are 14 layouts available, and videos can be changed indefinitely. A great gift to remember your favorite shared memories that aren’t in photo form.

2. Custom images (@ unique.figures)

The images are completely custom and are based on your photos. They can be a decoration on the shelf of shared memories, but a thread can also be added, and they can become a medium for photos or recipes. The right choice of gifts for romantic souls.

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3. Hand-painted chocolate box (@ taste_of_love)

Behind this brand is an artist who hand-paints chocolate boxes with a photo of your choice. The box is full of heart-shaped pralines, and filling them is always a surprise. The box, especially the lid, can stay for a long time if stored as a souvenir. An ideal gift for all chocolate lovers.

4. Custom card deck (@gray_design)

Why not find yourself and your loved one in the place of the queen of the deck of cards, as you deserve? Iva is an artist who will help you replace ordinary card symbols with your illustrations and help you make your cards even more interesting. You’ve just got a new hobby and a new way to share your homework on winter evenings. The loser prepares the meal.

5. A little box of the big things I love about you (@kreativnirazbojnik)

A beautiful handmade wooden box in which your heart is stored with all the sweet little things you love with your partner (smile, wisdom, soul, optimism …). Go ahead and enjoy!

6. “I love you for six reasons” poster (@cicaprica)

Here’s another Valentine’s Day gift idea. This personalized poster allows you to reflect on the qualities and habits you value most in your partner, inner jokes and the most beautiful memories shared. I’m sure they’ll mark the poster as soon as possible and put it in a place of honor.

7. Lego Frames (@craftybrick)

Custom Lego frames are the perfect choice to congratulate your partner on a completely different holiday. The background is completely personalized according to the story you want to tell as a gift, and the Lego images are made in the smallest detail to represent your most faithful copy.

8. Arc table (@ellieandmo)

It seems to me that the trend has become to store photos on phones and not to print shared memories over the years. This is a wonderful reason to change that arc chart. On the front of the clipboard is your shared photo, and on the back you can record a quote you want, your name, an important date. A great gift option for those who like to share shared memories.

9. Custom Balloon (@ dreamland_2709)

For all those who say “You are my whole world” to your partner, and especially for those who enjoy traveling in pairs, a personalized balloon is the best gift option. The balloon can be personalized with a drawing or quote that you especially love. I’m sure the gift will trigger a flurry of positive emotions.

10. Bring a gift box (@bring_giftbox)

For all fans of trying new things, hobbies and experiences, Bring gift packages are the perfect choice. The partner receives a voucher that allows them to choose from 20 possible activities, such as scuba diving classes, going to the shooting range, a calligraphy course, experience in painting clothes, shoes or bags, and so on. That way, you give your partner the freedom to choose and get involved in choosing gifts, which is the recipe for success.

I hope some tips and gift suggestions are valid next time. If you like or want to create original gifts, join the community of creative women in my profile @ poklon.savetnica, where I share suggestions for original gifts every day, talk about tricks that help me and show how to creatively package. gifts.

Recently, Jelena took the next step in her work and set up her own gift shop @, which sells original gifts from all over Serbia and the region and is constantly growing so that you can always have the best choice and enjoy it. the process of choosing gifts.

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