Wardrobe storage Marie Kondo technique: the ultimate guide

Storage cabinet Mari Kondo technique

Preparing the Marie Condo wardrobe with the technique can have many benefits for us, and one of them is certainly spiritual well-being. Here’s why.

It’s past January, and we haven’t done much of what we wanted to do. One of them is definitely the storage and rearrangement of the wardrobe. If you’re like us, you promised yourself a big closet storage at that closure two years ago.

In this way, keeping track of what you have in your closet (making it easier to prepare for work) helps your mental health to improve.

Marie Kondo, a world-renowned interior design consultant, set out the general philosophy of the kommari technique, which applies to all aspects of life: than when we are “.

We’ve convinced you to tidy up your closet, but you don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry! We have a solution to this problem.

Mari Kondo closet storage technique – step by step

1 Take it all out

Take everything out of the closet, all the shelves and your fingers. But don’t throw everything away, take 10-10 things and put them on the bed. Look at the quality of the clothes, is it faded? Do you really wear that skirt? Take a good look at each piece and you will know what to save and what to spend.

2 No emotions

As you slowly look at these clothes, don’t stick to those pieces that you sometimes wear. This includes the dress you once wore or the shirt you never wore. Put those things aside. Give them to friends or charities.

3 Save only the right clothing for you

One of the biggest obstacles to rearranging a closet is clinging to the clothes we were able to put on. In this way, we remain blindly blinded to what we used to be, and we ignite negative feelings within ourselves. Therefore, just pass on pants and jeans that have been small (or large) for a long time. Now hold the pieces that fit your body and body size.

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4 Thread fingers

For the most part, these wipes obtained after dry cleaning are not practical. In addition to losing shape when hanging clothes from them, there is a possibility of tearing. So take it off.

5 Jewelry

Jewelry is also part of clothing combinations. The advice is to store only bracelets, earrings and rings in the drawers, and to hang the necklaces on a nice finger or a necklace holder. The strings should be hung so that they do not get tangled. And with that, when you see a necklace, you might get an idea of ​​what to wear, combined with that accessory.

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6 Shoes

Take a good look at each pair and the shoes you haven’t worn in years as a gift. Arrange the rest well in the boxes so that they are not dusty or moldy.

7 Red, red, red!

Arrange your clothes according to the principle that suits you. Depending on the color, the event you wear a particular piece of work (work, outings, the gym) or the weather, the choice is yours.

8 The last step

When you are done with your detox in the closet, put the things you have decided to put in a box or bag as soon as possible and take them to your friends or charity. That way, you won’t be tempted to return any clothes or shoes. Let others enjoy those pieces that you no longer use.

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