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One was the Spasojevic fashion show

The Bate Spasojevic fashion show was held, making Belgrade the real capital of fashion and the best entertainment.

Famous Serbian designer Bata Spasojevic was in the hotel’s glass room last night Hyatt Regency with a spectacular fashion show, she arguably managed to become Belgrade’s fashion capital for at least one night!

One was the Spasojevic fashion show

The new trends that the audience was able to see for the first time remained the mark of Bata for the 2021/2022 Winter Collection, and from the first reactions it is clear that he was already intangible and completely consistent with himself, not only. his talent for art and design, but also for combining elegance, urbanism, style, music and energy.

One was the Spasojevic fashion show
The music and stage show began with a hit by Oliver Mandić, who last night, for the first time as a special guest of the famous designer, enjoyed his undeniable talent for music and his unique visual style, as well as the enjoyment of his audience. to turn off the walkway.

According to the collections Try meInspired by Mandić’s hit of the same name, Batak sent a clear message to fashion fans: You show your individuality best through the freedom of clothing style. Every detail of the clothing combinations, asymmetry, play with styles, be it men’s or women’s fashion, was also a well-known stamp of the designer this season.

One was the Spasojevic fashion show
After a fashion show in European capitals, Belgrade showed its audience a seemingly incompatible combination – the best materials, silk, wool combined with modern textile technology, make the perfect combination of coats and jackets, pants and stylish pieces inevitable and fashionable. in trend.winter.

Seeing the initial reactions from the audience, who applauded and applauded Bata Spasojevic and his models, there is no doubt that the pieces he designed will be unavoidable this winter season, whether it’s elegance or casual style.

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I always put great goals and tasks ahead of me, the positive horror keeps me under adrenaline until the show is over and I’m sure everything went as I thought. From collection to collection, I hope to cross the boundaries at all times, this time not five steps, I think we have taken ten steps, both in the setting of the show, in the scenery, in the whole organization, in the background. , and people
in terms of wardrobes and collection, these are the most important factors. A lot of effort and time has been invested in making this collection as it is, and with good and quality materials. The ideas came to me on their own, and the audience no doubt liked what I was shown. To my great joy, the people were happy, they felt in the air. They shared their first impressions with me, and that’s why I’m so honored to have felt like they were in the biggest cities in the world last night, as if the show was made for the biggest and most famous fashion houses like Gucci, Prada. , Fendi. This is exactly my desire to have Belgrade at the center of the European map for at least one evening when it comes to fashion in Paris or Milan – Bata shared his first impressions after the show.

One was the Spasojevic fashion show One was the Spasojevic fashion show One was the Spasojevic fashion show

The big “back wind”, as he puts it, was Oliver Mandić.

We have known each other for a long time, and we are encouraged. He made a huge contribution to this collection to give me more. We enjoyed the track together, and it received positive vibes from a large audience. We felt that atmosphere. People here know how to be cold at events like this, but last night the energy was completely different
ija, power and mutual excitement were felt in the air. Oliver and I are convinced that last night’s fashion show was a regional event, Bata added.

One was the Spasojevic fashion show One was the Spasojevic fashion show One was the Spasojevic fashion show

Embassy and water representatives walked the red carpet last night as guests of the Bat
their company, the famous guests of the fashion world, the most famous Serbian model Tamara Bakic, Marija Karan, Tanja Pujin, Milan Bosiljcic, Rade Cosic, actress Iva Strljic, then sang, Neda Ukraden, Cakana, Ivana “Hurricane”, Tara, Sergej, Sloba Radanović , Jovana Tipšin, famous TV characters Suzana Mančić, Dea Đurđević, Tanja Radjenović, Olivera Jovićević, Maja Manojlović, Olivera Čolović, Bojana Lazić, Nemanja Veliki, water polo player, Nikolaa Midjen well and Nikolas Mikai. many other guests.


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