We have found products that will solve the problem of cracked heels and elbows!

the problem of cracked heels and elbows

The problem of cracked heels and elbows is quite common. Now, thanks to the effective formulations CeraVe in labs, you can fix it quickly and easily.

We have longer and hotter days ahead, which we wait impatiently for, but also with a little fear that our skin is ready for more open clothes and shoes. Even if we pay enough attention to it in the winter, we are generally not satisfied with what we see and feel when we pull out the long sleeves: rough elbows, thick heels, very dry skin on the lower legs. The solution to these problems, as well as desirable conditions such as the keratosis pill, comes from this. CeraVe laboratories in mind SA Polishing lines for dry and rough skin. There are two products that work in three phases: exfoliation, hydration and, finally, “restoration”.

A cosmetic pair that will fix the problem of heels and elbows, dry skin of the lower legs.

SA gel for dry and rough skin cleansing

This odorless product can be used daily as it does not interfere with skin barrier function. Its foam gently removes dead cells, without the unpleasant feeling of tightness after washing. (Price: 1,222 dinars)

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SA cream to smooth dry and rough skin

The formula is rich, but not greasy, which exfoliates, improves moisture and at the same time regenerates the skin. It is also odorless and comes in a pack of 177 ml (1,321 dinars) and 340 ml (1,945 dinars).

What is the secret to the effectiveness of these preparations?

Thanks to the formula of salicylic acid and lipohydroxy acid, CeraVe SA cleansing gel and EKIN The softening cream for dry and rough skin encourages the gradual exfoliation of dead cells. Several ingredients are responsible for feeling well-hydrated skin throughout the day. Water (10%) attracts moisture and softens keratin to make it easier to remove fat. Hyaluronic acid is also a powerful moisturizer, while patented MVE technology gradually releases active ingredients for a long time, ensuring full day hydration. Finally, three essential ceramics, all of which are essential ingredients CeraVe products help to restore the function of the fence.

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