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Winter flowers for the balcony

Winter flowers for the balcony will survive the cold temperatures and will greatly beautify your living room.

It’s time to start thinking about which plant or flower to plant next. Painful temperatures come, cold mornings and nights, and with all that, wind, rain and, in our opinion, snow await us soon. In addition to artificial flowers, which will be the same at any time of the year, we also have a variety of plant species available, which can withstand the cold very well and are suitable for balconies and terraces.

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Although you can find winter flowers in many supermarkets, we recommend you to visit the markets or flower shops, as right now there is a wide range of beautiful autumn flowers in different colors.

Winter flowers for the balcony


Erika has been named the winter queen. This wonderful plant tolerates low winter temperatures and frost very well, it is not kept strict and temperatures between 5 and -15 ºC will be ideal for its growth. Erica will look great as an ornamental flower on any balcony due to the beautiful shades. So you can choose white, pink, purple or red erica – and each will beautify in its own way any space. When we say that it does not require maintenance, it means that watering only once a week is enough. Make sure the container or jar has holes in the bottom for better drainage. And finally, the prices are very cheap.


The plant is also known as kokaloka. It is a perennial plant that grows in different colors. With its colorful flowers, especially the combination of red and yellow, as well as the scent, it is always noticeable. It grows easily, both in the garden and in the garden, and in pots as a balcony plant. It is hardy and withstands a lot of weather conditions, so it can withstand frost and winter well.

Day Night

It’s about flowers you can’t go wrong with. Very durable, with an interesting look and beautiful colors – it is one of the most popular flowers in gardens and balconies. It is also interesting that this plant does not tolerate much heat, so it is ideal for seasons such as autumn and winter. It can be found in different colors: blue, orange, red, yellow, white … There are many varieties, as well as a combination of the colors of this beautiful flower. It can withstand temperatures of -23 ° C, so make sure you decorate your balcony or terrace with your beautiful colors throughout the winter!

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