We were at an event where beauty and health introduced a new face to the NIVEA brand


NIVEA Hyaluron cellular filler product line against aging skin, she got a new ambassador – Sloboda Mićalović, known for her natural beauty and successful acting career. It perfectly reflects the values ​​that have always been associated with this brand: femininity, authenticity, family and reliability.


This time, in addition to film and theater, Sloboda Mićalovic also took on the role of the face of the new line against skin aging – LEVEL Hyaluron cellular filler. For many Freedom is a true synonym for beauty, sophistication, and simplicity, so this collaboration emerged as a natural sequence of events. LEVEL it wants to highlight the main values ​​of the brand. With the new campaign, LEVEL it tries to nourish women with effective daily products that act on the skin microbiome and encourage them to feel younger.

Aleksandra Jeftanović and Sloboda Mićalović

U the work I do on my face is always in the foreground, which is why I need to nurture it. Despite being a very young girl, I showed a passion for cosmetics, a LEVEL It was an essential product in our bathroom, even today it is an essential part of my daily beauty routine, ”said Sloboda Mićalović. A well-groomed woman is a happy woman, and a happy woman can light up the whole planet, ”she added.

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Hyaluron is a rich line of filler cells

It is the idea of ​​beauty that comes from within Freedom and what unites them NIVEA Hyaluron cellular filler line. The formulation of these products contains ingredients that activate skin cellular processes and accelerate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. It has an immediate effect, while with regular use it intensely reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and restores shine.

New ambassador with the NIVEA team


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