We were at the presentation of the capsule that returns the skin and body to the top shape!


Vallery Opti Skin Form capsules are recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their skin, hair, nails and immunity. Here’s what we learned about them …

Beautiful skin, well-groomed hair, strong nails and good immunity … All these benefits will give you Vallery Opti Skin Shape capsules are a unique combination of fifteen active ingredients.

Vallery Opti Skin Form Capsules – a promoter of beauty and health

Who are they recommended to?

Anyone who wants to improve their health and the appearance of their skin, people with acne, rosacea, rosacea, atopic or contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis or other skin problems. Also, those with bone and joint problems, lack of energy, or are chronically tired.

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What’s their secret?

In a specific composition. Zinc, selenium and vitamin E strengthen immunity and protect against free radicals. The amino acids lysine and proline stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and joints. Red algae, pineapple bromelain and corel rejuvenate the skin and reduce inflammatory processes. Especially recommended for people with sensitive skin and dermatitis. Turmeric, in addition to improving joint mobility, also has an effective effect on the fight against pimples and acne. Coenzyme Q10, in addition to its antioxidant action, is involved in the body’s energy production process.

How do they work?

Opti Skin Shape capsules have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, stimulate collagen production in the body, strengthen immunity and help in energy production.

How are they used?

One or two capsules a day are recommended, with plenty of water.

Additional information

Find them at www.apotekavalerijana.rs!


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