We will all be wearing TikTok fashion trends for 2022!

TikTok fashion trends for 2022

What are the TikTok fashion trends that each of us should have in our wardrobe by 2022, we explain below.

We’re already deepening into the new year, which means we’re slowly getting to know new trends and chairs. And who will prevail this year completely, if the influencers are to be believed? According to TikTok, we bring you the eight most popular clothes that will take off in 2022. And you probably have some of them!

TikTok fashion trends for 2022.

Tight pockets

This outfit has been around for an hour, not an hour, but it has certainly never gone out of style. Unlike previous seasons, the body petticoats will be popular in 2022. And what makes their popularity so special is the variety and easy adaptability. So they can be worn with a denim jacket, blazer or jacket.


This clothing detail will be very popular in 2022. From minimalism to striking pieces, something for everyone, feathers will be everywhere, like a little touch of drama in day and evening outfits.

“Opera” gloves

Long gloves over the elbow have become a hallmark of the clothes we will be wearing this year as well.

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Perception of the middle part of the body

With the return of skinny pants, miniskirts and jeans, and the growing demand for cannons, the middle part of the body (belly) is the focus this year.


At the other end of the scale of fashion, in addition to appearing more skin than usual, layered clothing will also be popular. We’ll be wearing tops and corsets over our shirts, and blazers will be our best friends.


The shoes worn by all the ladies of the seventies are back in fashion. Boots, sandals, scarves, shoes … Everything will be enriched by the platform. And best of all, this piece of shoe is very comfortable and easily adapts to any style.

At a higher point level

Knitwear has been a huge hit for a long time, and this year we will have brighter and more colorful designs.

Poof jacket

Puffy jackets are still very popular, and with them, oversized boots, scarves and sweaters are all the rage.

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