Wearing jellyfish is a successful winter trend for 2022.

disguise the jellyfish

Wearing a jellyfish is one of the biggest fashion trends this winter, and we’ll show you what it all really means below.

No matter how much you love fashion, it’s a rule especially in the winter months: when the temperature drops below zero it’s hot first. So we choose sweaters, coats, puff jackets, scarves and layered clothing.

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And that’s why the tendency to wear jellyfish has arisen.

Jellyfish dress – a new successful trend

It is a style that combines jackets with tight pants, leggings and jeans, plus size coats and sweaters. It really looks like a jellyfish: with a wide upper part and narrow legs that look like jellyfish thorns.

The stylist generally recommends that when we wear wider clothing on the top floor, the pants should be tighter, as this creates a visual balance. At the same time, at least one part of the body takes shape, and we show our silhouettes and curves.

And in all the ways we can combine outfits and look like a jellyfish, see below.

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