What did fashion designer Irena Grahovac show us in a beauty interview?

Irena Grahovac

Irena Grahovac says that sleep is one of the basic elixirs of beauty, that clean skin and minimal makeup are her essentials, but also escape from rejuvenating treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Interviewee: Nadežda Jokić

Irena Grahovac: My Beauty Protocol

Why do you owe him thanks for the well-groomed and flawless skin? What are the beauty rules you don’t deviate from?

To make your skin beautiful and well-groomed, the first and basic rule is to sleep perfectly – at least eight hours a day. Of course, you should never go to bed unless your skin is completely clean. In my case, going to bed with makeup is out of the question.

How is your facial skin care routine?

As for my care routine, I am guided by the rules of “as little makeup as possible”. I also avoid heavy powders when applying makeup products. I try to close the pores as little as possible because the skin needs to “breathe”. I often wash my face with soap and water, and only then apply the cream.

Have you tried any rejuvenation methods in the field of cosmetic medicine, such as Botox, hyaluronic fillers, PRP, mesotherapy?

I get Botox injections every eight months, but only on my forehead. My friend Magdalena Krupeš from the clinic Orea knows exactly how to determine the appropriate “measure” – to correct wrinkles and maintain the natural appearance of the face. Once a year I do a laser face peel with Dr. Svetlana Bogdanović at the polyclinic. Diva.

Being blonde, do you pay special attention to hair care? I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner, I dry my hair regularly and choose an ammonia-free dye. I go to Firzer regularly to shorten the ends. And I never use hairspray.

What products is your makeup routine based on?

My daily look is based on a small number of concealers, lipsticks, mascara and beautifully drawn eyebrows. I only use heavy makeup at special times.

Do you prefer more expensive makeup products or drugs?

I recently found a makeup brand Flormar, while I used it first SWORD i Clinic preparations.

Do you vote for naturalness in terms of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and nails, or do you like to allow for improvements and insertions?

I am not in favor of nail, hair or eyelash extensions. However, it’s another story with eyebrows. The perfect natural shape of the eyebrows that a woman rarely has, I think is important to fix, because the eyebrows give a special expression to the face. Badly shaped ones can completely ruin the beauty of a woman’s face.

Irene’s favorites

Face cream: Zepter Swisso Logic

Makeup base: Flormar first

Concealer under the eyes: Flormar

Blush: SWORD, peach color

Hair shampoo: Pantene

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