What did host Maria Kilibarda tell us in a beauty talk?

Maria Kilibarda

The charming Maria Kilibarda says that she is still feeding her appearance with the concept of “maintenance”, not with the concept of “rejuvenation”.

Interviewee: Nadežda Jokić

Maria Kilibarda: My cosmetics and makeup rules

What type of skin do you have and how is your daily care routine?

My skin is dry and I occasionally suffer from seborrheic dermatitis. I use special cosmetics for these dandruff. And my day-to-day care is simple and includes cleansing my face, applying peptides and a copper-based serum and moisturizer. I love jade roller and use it to rub serum on the skin. I often use masks for the eye area, and I also practice a facial massage once or twice a week, which lifts the skin in a non-invasive way, raises the tone and – it’s a real pleasure.

Does what you eat affect the appearance and skin of your skin?

The most accurate reminder that I need to reduce my “fast food” a bit is my skin. I’ve never been prone to pimples or acne, I’m lucky with genetics, but the longer I stay indoors and in smoky places or spend a few days eating unhealthy food – the skin indicates seborrhea. Stress also knows how to deal with it, as well as changing the weather, but for the most part it is the result of consuming healthy foods. Luckily, it passes very quickly and gets me back on track.

Do you take any additional beauty?

Peptides and collagen occasionally, and vitamins regularly.

Which of the cosmetic treatments do you practice in beauty salons and surgeries?

I love the classic facial cleansing treatments. My skin glows after them – and because they mean peeling, and masks, and mesotherapy, and my favorite part-massage. I regularly practice ultrasound radiotherapy because it stimulates the production of collagen that we lose over the years.

Do you think it’s too early to do some more serious rejuvenation treatments and what do you think about them?

As long as they make us look good and natural, I think they are the best. I love seeing a woman in beautiful adult skin and bright skin tones in her adult years without evaluating whether she was able to intervene. That’s really weird. As for me, I would say that I am still approaching the concept of “maintenance” to feed my appearance, not “rejuvenate”. Maybe in a few years it will be different. I’m content with how I look and I think I’ve found a fine measure to not seem to burden myself, and to see what I invest through the pleasure of reflecting in the mirror.

What’s your perfect makeup for a crazy night out?

In my case, it’s the most glamorous night of the year, but that’s why it’s the most comfortable. For the past few years, I’ve been celebrating the first of January without any makeup, in a homely atmosphere. I like to be calm and relaxed to get into the new year. I think those of us who do public work get tired of heavy makeup and can’t wait to stop. And midnight kisses are sweeter without makeup.

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However, have you ever used lentils, glitter and shine shade this time around?

Yes, and in unlimited numbers. When we were girls and young girls it was insatiable to shine and shine. In addition to the shadows and bright eyes, there was also a sequined mascara, as well as those little star-shaped stickers that we wore on New Year’s Eve instead of the young ones. Everything was delicious and matched the years.

Are you in favor of natural makeup or do you also like makeup?

My best friend is one of the most famous make-up artists in our country and she pampered me because she is always with me – she organizes me for all the big campaigns, public appearances and ceremonies. I enjoy it because I trust it unconditionally, so sometimes I step out of my comfort zone and look for an extreme look, even if that’s very rare, perhaps when it comes to the needs of an editorial. I am always encouraged by a natural look.

Which perfume do you prefer?

Strong, sensual, creating a cloud of scent around me and leaving a mark. I am eager to pick and buy them. I really enjoy taking the time to try new notes in perfumeries until I turn my head. In the end, those with one of the following always win: vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, musk, gardenia and tobacco leaf.

Mary’s favorites

Miscellaneous water: Decorate

Facial skin serum with peptides and copper: Niod

Facial thermal water: Sachajuan

Coconut body wash: Bodywork

Vitamin C + D: Sunkist

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